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Pre-finished Commercial Range – UT100 High Performance Coatings

ACE Architectural Panels Pre Finished Compressed Fibre Cement Commercial Range of Panels are coated in a UT100 High Performance two pack Polyurethane Coating system.

Pre-finished Commercial Range – Inflonito High Performance Coatings

ACE Architectural Panels Pre Finished Compressed Fibre Cement Commercial Range of Panels are coated in a Inflonito High Performance two pack Fluoropolymer resin base system.


Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panel is composed of two Aluminium cover sheets sandwiched with a special homogeneous core material. It offers outstanding surface flatness and high workability with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Available in a Fire Rated Core or PE Core to suit a range of different applications.

Vitrabond G2

Vitracore G2 visually is the same as traditional Aluminium Composite Panel, but what makes it different is the core technology, which is constructed from 100% Aluminium structure rather than combustible material. Vitracore G2 is deemed non-combustible when tested to AS1530.1 as per the requirements set out in the BCA.

Vitrabond & Vitracore G2 Colour Chart

Express and Custom Range colour options for Vitrabond and Vitracore G2.

Ventura Acoustic Panel

ACE Architectural Panels Ventura Acoustic Range of panels provide custom options for your decorative Pre-finished Internal or External Ply, and MDF requirements.


Ariaply is a factory finished, plywood feature panel that is ready to install. Perfect for Ceilings, Soffits and internal feature walls, it is available in 6 attractive colours to suit any project.


Endurapanel is a unique panelling system that can be used to enhance any living space. Installed as Exterior cladding, Balcony and Alfresco Ceilings and Interior feature walls and ceilings.

Hygiene Access Panels

ACE Architectural Panels Hygiene Access Panels are a range of cleanable Moisture Resistant Pre-finished Panels which are available in a variety of standard sizes to suit your site requirements.

Multi Residential Range

ACE Architectural Panels Multi Residential Range is a selection of Pre Finished Fibre Cement Panels and Weatherboards available in either an Acrylic paint system or the Inflonito two pack Fluoropolymer paint system.

Raw Floor Range

Ace Architectural Panels Raw Floor is a Coated “Raw Look” Compressed Fibre Cement decorative flooring system which is suitable for an extensive range of Residential and light Commercial applications.

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